About Ação Direta Web Studio

AÇÃO DIRETA WEB STUDIO is a company who is specialized in project, development, maintenance and hosting of Websites and Personalized Systems in Cloud, with high quality, creativity and strategic planning.

We offer to our clients, what is there of the best and latest in technology and internet marketing, looking for appropriate solutions to structural reality of each company.


AÇÃO DIRETA WEB STUDIO has an experient and competent team that always is attempt to news, offering to our clients whats is the best and more recent in tecnology and internet marketing. Ação Direta finds appropriate solutions to structural reality of each company.

All projects are centered in our company. We work together with our clients to develop and to implement solutions that attend all needs and overcome the difficulties encountered by them.

We project the Website to your company in order to generate business and profits, making your website an effective tool of online marketing.

Surprise your suppliers and clients with a Website developed by AÇÃO DIRETA WEB STUDIO, showing all that the internet can provide about organizational growth.

We offer all the assistance to register your trademark on the Internet, from design to dissemination and domain registration with national and international organizations.


Check the services developed by Ação Direta:

  • Development of Websites;
  • E-marketing systems, direct mail and relationship;
  • Integrated Marketing (Website + Folders + E-marketing);
  • Creation of Custom Systems (Management and control);
  • Graphic Design, Web Design and animated presentations;
  • Development of Virtual Stores (E-commerce);
  • Creation of Logos and Banners;
  • Hosting of websites;
  • Internet Publicity;
  • Online communication.